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How To Start A Movement

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How It All Began

Dr. Eline Pedersen is a wellness family chiropractor, but she is also a mother, a wife, a mentor, and a believer in nature and all things natural. Through her work as a pregnancy and pediatric chiropractor, she noted a real need for helping people, especially women, through the steps of creating a family.

Dr. Eline set out to find her place in her community following the births of her sons Savvas and Matheos. She was inspired by great leaders like Dr. Pauline Long, Marie Diamond, Dr. Harbeen Arora, Dr. Viola Edward, and many other great women that have created incredible networks for women and sustainable changes in their communities.

This led to her initiating the founding of the Cyprus-based, internationally recognized NGO Birth Forward. This non-profit organization
provides education, support, and advocacy for people in
the process of becoming a family. Dr. Eline noted potential issues in the way babies are born in Cyprus. That inspired her. She and several exceptional individuals set out to change some already established practices and were quite successful in her work.

The basic idea of helping people, which is also the foundation of the organization Dr. Eline helped co-found, is based on three fundamental principles or pillars, as she outlines them:

● Support
● Education and Information

● Advocacy

Here we'll learn how she went off and made a real, significant change in a culture that is not so open to new things. Also, she shares some of the best, field-honed advice on how to start a movement you genuinely believe in and inspire change within your community.