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Learn the basic steps Eline observed when initiating and co-funding the NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) Birth Forward! Creating Support, Advocacy and education for the community. 

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Dr. Eline Pedersen Bio

Hello everyone, I'm Dr. Eline Pedersen. To introduce myself: I'm a mother, a wife, a mentor, a leader, and a believer in all things natural. One of my fundamental beliefs is rooted in nature, and I think that we as humans need to adapt to the natural ways in each aspect of life. It is closely related to my professional philosophy – the body's ability to heal is an innate action; it happens from within; practically, the body is a self-healing organism.

In my work as a wellness family chiropractor, I have studied what we call "HQ" or Health Quotient." The HQ is a measure of each individual's adaptive state of health based on the physical, emotional, and chemical wellbeing, all within that individual's epigenetic and environmental context. It is something I consider closely related to one crucial moment, the moment of birth. I have been fortunate to study the work of a world-renowned expert, Dr. Michel Odent, who considers that our lives, our physical and mental health are infinitely affected by the way we come into the world.

I started thinking more closely about this subject after my second son's birth. The moment of birth is the first step of a healthy lifetime, as close in line with nature as possible. Our responsibility is to protect each newborn child's first breath and enable them to grow into healthy, fearless, integrated, connected adults.

It led me to explore Cyprus' birthing culture, concluding that close to 60% of the new births are done by a cesarean. We'll talk about this more later on, but this was a big motivator for me to explore this topic further and work on encouraging women, first locally, then all over the world, to take matters into their own hands and strive for good birth experiences where they are respected throughout the process. 

A large part of my work lies in motivating mothers to claim their rights to bring a child to life, to facilitate as much as possible the process for the children to grow into respected and responsible human beings. I believe this can ensure that the next generation will start in an adaptable and self-healing state with the best possible Health Quotient (HQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Social Quotient (SQ), and Intelligence Quotient (IQ), all in a protected and healthy environment.

I always encourage women to seek work that fits their personality and personal philosophy. I believe that love and passion are the core factors for success in any aspect of life, whether personal or professional. I believe that if we all do something we love and is meaningful to us, we'll automatically spread this message to others around us, unknowingly yet effectively contributing to a happier community all around.

All these concerns led me to initiate the founding of "Birth Forward." It is a Cyprus-based, internationally recognized non-profit NGO that provides education, support, and advocacy for people planning and creating a family.

You can read more about Eline and her work in  "Tough Roads create Tough People'' “Quarentena and Beyond” and "How To Start A Movement."