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Eline is sharing her 17 years of full-time practice experience in running 3 family clinics. She has also initiated and still is the president of a Non-Profit Organisation which focuses on Educating, informing, supporting, and advocating mums and couples in the process of creating a family about their Human Rights in childbirth. 

Her passion for the well-being of the expecting couple, the pregnant mum, the newborn baby, and a child's proper development, is the reason she has become a community leader in the Pediatric and Pregnancy Chiropractic field in two countries. 

She is here to share her knowledge, hold your hand on the way, and give you all her resources, protocols, systems, and tools needed to set you up for success

How to Start A Movement e-book.

We will learn how Eline went off and made a real, significant change in a country's culture that is not so open to new things. 

Eline shares some of the best, field-owned advice on how to start a movement about an idea you genuinely believe in and inspire change within your community.

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Check List for a Rocking Pediatric Chiropractic and Pregnancy Clinic.

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 Every point on the checklist of how to grow your clinic is a tested and proven process! 

Follow this and you will be leading in your community as a Pregnancy and Pediatric Pregnancy Practice 

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Pre-book the next 6 Weeks Course on How to Set Up a successful Family Chiropractic Practice.

 This step-by-step 6-week course will guide you on how to become a pediatric leader in your community.

It will teach you everything from the basic practice organizational structure, and how to safely advertise your services to how to communicate with future mums.

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